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Monthly Animal Nonprofit Organizations Impact on Navajo Nation 


January 2024 Report

Highlights of the nonprofits work on the Navajo Nation, including spay/neuter, wellness and vaccine clinics, animal transports, websites, known economic impact and grant distributions. Working together with the Navajo Nation for safe and humane communities. 


This report for January 2024 provides an overview of the known collaborative efforts undertaken by numerous nonprofit organizations on the Nation. Nonprofit activities included running spay/neuter, wellness, and vaccine clinics in multiple Chapters, transporting dogs and cats from the Nation to humane organizations, and distributing grants for more services on the Nation.  

January Highlights

Nonprofits and the community joining forces for pet health and welfare on the Navajo Nation.

Spay/Neuter Success

When: Jan 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, and 25
Where: Dahozy Arena, Fort Defiance, AZ.


Successful sterilization of numerous pets across multiple sessions.

Spay/Neuter Services

When: Jan 27 and 28
Where: Tuba City Chapter House, Tuba City


Sterilized 98 pets.


205 transports off of the Navajo Nation, highlighting the extensive efforts to ensure animals find homes. Best Friends took 25 dogs to their Sanctuary in Utah.

Spay/Neuter Surgery and Services

When: Jan 6 & 7
Where: Rough Rock, AZ.


Soul Dog provided low cost spays and neuters for pets owned by members of the Navajo Nation.

Vaccine Clinic

When: Jan 27 & 28
Where: Tuba City Chapter House, Tuba City.

Totals: 135 Pets vaccinated and 38 wellness exams.


23 Animals transferred from Tuba City Navajo Nation Shelter to receiving groups to help find homes for these pets.

Spay/Neuter Services

When: Jan 22, 29 & 30

Where: Dineeshzhee Pet Resource Center, Kayenta.


Low cost spay and neuter surgeries for pets

Rescue Group

Took in 27 dogs and 7 cats.

Learn more about the incredible people and organizations who are working with the Navajo Nation to provide services for pet owners. 

Lifesaving Grants awarded by Best Friends to Increase services on the Navajo Nation 

The Puppy Momma: $20,000 to help intake 200 puppies from Navajo Nation


High Country Humane: $25,000 to intake 125 animals from Navajo Nation Tuba City Facility and to help over 500 pets stay in home thru other resources, fencing, food, etc. Working with Tuba City Animal Control

Soul Dog Rescue: $35,000 to provide 1250 spay/neuter surgeries on Navajo and intake 450 dogs and cats by July 

January Story of Hope: Rasca's Journey


This past January, Rasca, a gentle and sweet dog, faced a tough time. She arrived at a Navajo clinic with her three puppies, thanks to Laurie, a fantastic volunteer. Rasca urgently needed help because her eyes were really swollen and she couldn't see.


Dr. Colleen from Best Friends Animal Society stepped forward to help. She performed a double eye removal and spayed Rasca, ensuring her relief from pain and a step towards a healthier life.

Post-surgery, Laurie's kindness shone through as she welcomed Rasca into her home, helping her adapt to a new way of life. Rasca quickly became comfortable, mastering the layout of the house and the joys of the backyard. The anticipation of reuniting with her puppies and owner marks a hopeful end to her journey.


Rasca's journey, from a clinic visit in January to finding her way in a world without sight, shows us all the impact of compassion and teamwork. It's a beacon of hope that lights up the path for other animals in need, proving that with a little help and caring Navajo owners, they too can find their way back to happiness and health.

Low-cost clinics provide lifesaving support for pets on the Navajo Nation.
See upcoming clinics near you.

Economic Impact of Non-Profit Work
on Navajo Nation

When nonprofit groups assist the Navajo Nation, their presence economically benefits the community as they lodge in local hotels, dine in restaurants, and shop, circulating money back into the area

Lodging Contributions: In January, Best Friends covered expenses for 52 hotel rooms across three nights, supporting local businesses like Navajoland in Tuba City and Quality Inn in Window Rock. This accommodation was arranged for participants of spay/neuter clinics and various meetings.

Dining and Shopping Impact: A special prayer ceremony was held to welcome the new Best Friends Mobile Clinic, followed by a breakfast gathering at the Hogan Restaurant, injecting $2,141.41 into the local economy.

Success and High Demand:
Tuba City's First Mobile Vet Clinic

This traffic jam in Tuba City highlights the urgent demand for veterinary services on the Navajo Nation. The debut of Best Friends' mobile spay/neuter clinic, led by Tuba City Chapter officials and in partnership with the Parker Project, marked a significant achievement. Pet owners dedicatedly waited more than two hours for vaccinations and wellness exams, underscoring the community's pressing need. Despite the success, the high turnout meant some had to be turned away by day's end, though it's hoped they'll return for next month's clinic, eager for the essential services.

Photos: (left) Traffic jam in Tuba City for vet services.
(right) A prayer ceremony with Vice President Richelle Montoya and Tuba City President Gerald Keetso presiding was held at the mobile spay neuter clinic at the Chapter House. Pictured are Tuba City Executive Manager Durann Begay, Navajo Nation VP Richelle Montoya, Coconino County Supervisor Judy Begay, Dr. Holgate, and Tuba City President Gerald Keetso. 

2024 State of the Union Address:

Listen to Vice President Richelle Montoya Highlight the Importance of Establishing a Navajo Humane Society

Important Resources

The Spay/Neuter Resource Map: a simple guide to find spay and neuter services. It helps animal welfare groups and pet owners locate places for these services, including contact details to get in touch easily.

Click here to see map

New Mexico Spay/Neuter Resources Directory: offers a list of affordable and free spay/neuter programs across New Mexico. Click your county for details. Please verify with the organizations for updates.

Click here to see counties with programs


Together, we're not just making a difference; we're transforming lives and building a stronger community.

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