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Pet Care Articles

Healthy pets live longer and contribute to a safer community. 

It can be challenging to find resources when and where you need them. These articles can provide important information for you and your pet. There are also many veterinary and pet health services near you that you may not know about. Check out the schedule of upcoming spay/neuter and vaccination clinics across the Navajo Nation.


Spay/Neuter for Health
Find out how fixing your pet makes them healthier and less likely to cause problems.


Keeping Pets Safe in Summer
Summer heat can be dangerous or even deadly for dogs, cats and other pets. Get safety tips,


Spay/Neuter FAQs
Spay/neuter boosts pet health, behavior, safety. Get the facts to keep pets happy.


Found a Lost Pet?
If you've found a loose dog or cat, they're probably not lost. ere are tips to get them home. 


Vaccinations are an important consideration for our pets’ general health care. Learn why.


Winter Pet Care
When it's cold outside, your pet's health is at risk. Keep these tips in mind.

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