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Community Support Groups

Explore organizations on the Navajo Nation dedicated to supporting and assisting pets through transportation and aid. Experience their impactful efforts in ensuring the well-being of beloved animals within the community.

Transport | Community Support

Embarking on a compassionate mission, "RezRoads Rescue" unites forces with multiple rescue organizations and shelters beyond the reservation borders. In a special alliance with the renowned Shiprock rescue center, Turquoise Paw, they aim to address the persistent challenge of stray dogs and cats within the reservation's boundaries. While numerous off-reservation organizations have already contributed to finding loving homes for these abandoned animals across the nation, RezRoads Rescue endeavors to establish an invaluable on-reservation resource. Their primary goal is to support local organizations in their ongoing efforts to provide aid and care for stray animals. Witness the heartfelt rewards of animal rescue as RezRoads Rescue embarks on their journey. Experience the joy of witnessing once-neglected creatures transformed into thriving, contented beings within the warmth of their new forever homes. Join this remarkable endeavor where compassion knows no boundaries, and the well-being of furry companions takes center stage.

Vet Care | Transport | Adoption

Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on helping the reported 500,000 stray companion animals on the Native American Reservations of the Southwest United States. Through transport, vet care, and adoption services, Underdog Rescue helps to combat the overpopulation of stray and owned dogs of the Four Corners area. Our Rescue Ranch is headquartered in Moab, Utah.

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