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Monthly Animal Nonprofit Organizations Impact on Navajo Nation 


February 2024 Report

Impactful efforts on the Navajo Nation, featuring spay/neuter programs, wellness and vaccine clinics, animal transportation, digital engagement, economic contributions, and grant support, all contributing to the development of safe, compassionate communities.


This February, we've made remarkable strides in rescuing and supporting animals, with our team facilitating the transport of many dogs and cats to rescue organizations and our Sanctuary, pushing our yearly total to over a thousand lives saved. We're also excited about the launch of the Best Friends Mobile Clinic, already making a significant impact through spay/neuter surgeries and wellness services. Catch a glimpse of this incredible work in the photographs from our first clinic.

Spay/Neuter and Wellness Initiatives

At our February clinic, Best Friends Animal Society provided comprehensive care to 154 pets, encompassing 119 spay/neuter procedures, an eye mass removal surgery, 26 comprehensive care services including vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and flea and tick treatments, alongside 9 wellness exams. Despite solely advertising for spay/neuter services, we extended our support to 34 additional pets through unscheduled "walk-in" visits. These included 9 wellness cases and 26 vaccinations, demonstrating our commitment to accommodate pet owners and their needs, even amidst a busy surgery schedule.

Chapter Resolutions from
Tuba City and Crownpoint 

The Tuba City Chapter passed resolution # TND-02-01-2024 supporting, prioritizing and incorporating animal welfare services, resources, and education in the Tuba City Chapter Community Development Planning and in the Local Land Use Planning. The resolution states that "Due to annual fiscal funding limitations, the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources is incapable of effectively expanding animal welfare resources throughout the 110 Navajo Nation communities and that the local government recognizes and appreciates the contributions of many Non-Profit organizations many who are based off the reservation providing rescue, vaccinations, spay & neuter, placement and adoptions. It further provides that the local government recognizes the need for prioritization of animal welfare services, resources and education. The local government land use plan shall incorporate visioning and planning towards the establishment of animal welfare services and resources.

Crownpoint Chapter passed Resolution CPC-24-02-07 approving the Crownpoint Chapter to submit an application for the 2024 funding cycle of the New Mexico Tribal Infrastructure Fund in the amound of $752, 418.75 for the construction of the new Crownpoint animal shelter facility. In 2023 the Navajo Nation and Crownpoint Chapter in collaboration and partnership with Best Friends Animal Society successfully secured a $1 million earmark from Congress and the additional funding was needed to satisfy the projected construction cost of a new Animal Shelter facility. The Crownpoint Chapter strongly supports the need for and funding of an attractive and convenient animal shelter facility to address the dire need for health and safety of animals/pet and community.

Lifesaving Grants awarded by Best Friends to Increase services on the Navajo Nation 

Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare was awarded a grant to provide 150 dog/cat spay/neuter surgeries in the Pinehill / Ramah Chapters. These communities appreciate the continued support that this organization has been able to provide. If you want to learn more about Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare visit their website at 

Low-cost clinics provide lifesaving support for pets on the Navajo Nation.
See upcoming clinics near you.

Rescue Relocation Efforts

image (7).png

In February, the Best Friends Animal Society team successfully relocated 180 dogs and cats from the Navajo Nation to various rescue organizations, while welcoming an additional 13 (comprising 12 dogs and 1 cat) into the warm embrace of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. As we look back at the year so far, an impressive total of 906 dogs and cats have found new beginnings with receiving organizations, with another 102 finding refuge at the Sanctuary, culminating in a grand total of 1,008 lives saved!

Under the Project Reachout initiative, the Arizona Humane Society welcomed 6 cats from the Navajo Nation in February, thanks to the facilitation provided by the Best Friends Transport Program.

Learn more about the incredible people and organizations who are working with the Navajo Nation to provide services for pet owners. 

In The News

1 photo added.jpg

Navajo Nation animal shelters surging with unwanted dogs, cats: Part I
The Navajo Nation is experiencing a significant rise in animal populations, placing pressure on shelters and public safety. Despite challenges, such as the temporary closure of the Fort Defiance Animal Shelter, efforts to manage the situation include emphasizing the importance of spay/neuter programs. These initiatives aim to reduce animal-related incidents and improve community safety, with collaborations among rescue groups playing a key role in addressing the ongoing issue. Read full article


RedRover Responders Build Safe Enclosures for Outdoor Dogs on the Navajo Nation
During a second visit to the Navajo Nation with the Parker Project, a team launched an initiative to build enclosures for dogs usually chained outdoors, serving 166 animals with vaccinations, surgeries, and medical care over four days. This effort highlighted the importance of empathy and understanding in addressing the challenges faced by families living in areas with limited access to veterinary services, fostering a stronger bond between the community, their pets, and the volunteers. Read full article

Important Resources

The Spay/Neuter Resource Map: a simple guide to find spay and neuter services. It helps animal welfare groups and pet owners locate places for these services, including contact details to get in touch easily.

Click here to see map

New Mexico Spay/Neuter Resources Directory: offers a list of affordable and free spay/neuter programs across New Mexico. Click your county for details. Please verify with the organizations for updates.

Click here to see counties with programs


Together, we're not just making a difference;
we're transforming lives and building a stronger community.

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