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Monthly Animal Nonprofit Organizations Impact on Navajo Nation 


May 2024 Report

In May, the Navajo Nation Program accomplished significant milestones, including conducting spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for pets in Kaibeto and transporting numerous dogs and cats to rescue groups. Also, progress was made in securing funding for the Chinle Animal Shelter.


In May 2024, the Navajo Nation Program made significant strides in animal welfare. A mobile clinic in Kaibeto provided 86 spay/neuter surgeries, 101 pet vaccinations, and 8 wellness checks. The Parker Project clinic helped 321 animals during their 4-day event, and the Navajo Nation Program team transported 157 dogs and cats adding to a year-to-date total of 1,306 transported animals to receiving groups. Efforts to recruit fosters for the Phoenix Satellite Foster Program are intensifying. The Best Friends Navajo team is working with the Navajo Nation Fish and Wildlife Department to plan a Plant and Animal Summit to be held at Twin Arrows August 6 and 7th, so mark your calendars and plan to attend this event that will focus on climate change, wildlife, and animal control.

Spay/Neuter and Wellness Initiatives

Best Friends Animal Society held another successful pet vaccine and spay/neuter clinic in Kaibeto, AZ on May 18 and 19. Over two days, the vet team performed 86 spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinated 101 pets, and addressed 8 wellness cases. This success was made possible by dedicated staff and volunteers.

A special mention goes to Libby, a Siberian Husky who required further care after a complicated spay surgery. She was transported to the Sanctuary vet clinic where she received full veterinary care and was stabilized. Libby's owners picked her up in Kanab, and she is now back to her active, happy self. Her family is thrilled to have her home.

The Parker Project held a clinic in Tuba City from May 24th to 27th. During this time, 120 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered, 22 pets received wellness checks, and 179 animals were vaccinated. In total, 321 animals and their families benefited from the services provided over these four days.

Low-cost clinics provide lifesaving support for pets on the Navajo Nation. See upcoming clinics near you, and please share this link with your constituents.

Satellite Foster Program 

Best Friends Animal Society, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, has been hard at work launching the Phoenix Foster Program. Although the first attempt at finding fosters didn’t bring in as many responses as hoped, a few people signed up to help with transport, which supports overall efforts. To improve foster recruitment, new plans are in place. The message is being made more engaging and outreach is expanding to more people. The opportunity is being shared with the PetSmart team in the Phoenix area, and flyers are going up in key locations. These efforts should help find the dedicated fosters needed.

RezDawg Rescue Grant Impact Summary

RezDawg Rescue has made significant strides with the grant awarded by Best Friends to support pets on the Navajo Nation. In March, the organization held its first clinic at Tesuque Pueblo, sterilizing 105 pets, vaccinating 50, and transferring 22. This effort was met with gratitude, as evidenced by a thank-you letter from the Tribe’s Governor. Future plans include funding quarterly multi-Pueblo clinics, with a pilot clinic anticipated this fall.

April saw a series of impactful vaccine clinics across the Navajo Nation, including Crownpoint, Becenti, and Church Rock. The focus was on updating vaccinations and distributing flea and tick treatments to combat a severe tick outbreak. In partnership with Rez-Solutions, a clinic in Pigeon Springs sterilized 50 pets.

A four-day clinic on the Ute Reservation served over 400 pets, providing 298 sterilizations and various critical surgeries. The support of Councilman Whiteman, who provided meals for the team, underscored the community's appreciation.

Overall, in March and April, RezDawg Rescue fixed, vaccinated, chipped, and dewormed 475 animals, and vaccinated an additional 150. Each pet received three months of free NexGard Plus, thanks to partnerships with Greater Good Charities and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Notably, the organization addressed high-need situations, such as a case involving a community member with numerous sick and injured animals. This included the treatment and eventual rehoming of Triton, a pitbull mix with an amputated leg, now in foster care in Colorado Springs.

Upcoming efforts include a five-day clinic at NAPI south of Farmington in June. RezDawg Rescue remains committed to its mission of improving the health and well-being of pets on the Navajo Nation.

RezDawg Rescue gallery of success

Charity HQ (dba First Nations) Grant Report 

We're just getting started this year, but so far we've given out 1,380 flea and tick treatments to 115 pets on the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon. We're focusing on providing 12 months of flea and tick protection to each pet we spay/neuter.

During our beta test, we found that we can get donated flea and tick medications from vet offices, but these need prescriptions. So, we're using the spay/neuter appointments to establish the veterinary patient relationship and then prescribe the donated flea and tick treatments. We're also working on securing non-prescription flea and tick medications, which can be mailed directly.

We have two Hopi clinics scheduled: one in July and one in October, and we're funding another through Soul Dog. Our goal is to provide 2,400 doses of flea and tick protection to our clients.

Transport and Direct Lifesaving

In May, the Best Friends Navajo Nation Program team transported 157 dogs and cats from the Nation (1306 YTD) to receiving groups.   

Various organizations on the Navajo Nation play a crucial role in pet rescue by facilitating the adoption process for unclaimed shelter animals. Their primary objective is to find loving homes for these pets and provide them with a second chance at life. Learn more about these groups.

Navajo Nation Services Map

In May 2024, Best Friends updated the Navajo Nation Services Map. This new version, 2.0, has two maps: one showing services by region and chapter, and another by state. You can easily filter to see events by area, organization, type, and chapter. There's also a second tab with more detailed event information.

With just a few clicks, you can find out where services are available and where they might be needed. The map is updated twice a month with data from rescue groups working on the reservation.

To access the map, click here or the image below.

Navajo Nation Service.png

News & Events

This year, instead of co-hosting an animal summit specifically for rescue and spay/neuter organizations working with the Navajo Nation, Best Friends Animal Society will be participating in a Navajo Nation Department of Fish & Wildlife Plant and Animal Summit on August 6th and 7th at Twin Arrows. This summit is geared toward the public and offers three different tracks for attendees: animal control, wildlife, and climate change. Best Friends will present three sessions in the animal control track and have a booth to connect with all attendees.

Best Friends has been invited by Speaker Curley to have a booth at the Summer Council Session Trail Ride event, which will take place on Sunday, July 14, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The event will be held at the Navajo Nation Fairgrounds in Window Rock, AZ,  If you are able to attend the event please stop by.


The Best Friends National Conference is taking place in Orlando Florida July 11-13 and many members of the Navajo Nation are attending and volunteering. Vice President Richelle Montoya will be speaking at the event.

The earmark request for the Navajo Animal Control Program - Chinle Shelter has passed the first hurdle and has been selected to continue in the process to receive funding from Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema's Congressionally Directed Spending Program Projects. A big "Thank You!" to the Navajo Washington office; Oriana, Justin, and Michael for their help in getting the earmark request submitted. A special thank you to Oriana for all the hard work she put into this request. Let's hope we get the funding approved for the Chinle Animal Shelter!

Important Resources

The Spay/Neuter Resource Map: a simple guide to find spay and neuter services. It helps animal welfare groups and pet owners locate places for these services, including contact details to get in touch easily.

Click here to see map

New Mexico Spay/Neuter Resources Directory: offers a list of affordable and free spay/neuter programs across New Mexico. Click your county for details. Please verify with the organizations for updates.

Click here to see counties with programs


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